These Testimonials are part of many, some which are not written down yet, they are all true, and they are testimonials from people who have attended our church. We realise sadly, everybody has challenges in their lives at sometime or another, be it in their health, relationships, finance, however we believe that in our darkest times, as we look for answers to our problems, which Jesus Christ is the answer to our problems and the world.

Recent Healing by Prayer - Miriam Clyne

My name is Miriam Clyne, also known as Marie; I used to suffer with Sciatica for 29 years and walked around with a walking stick. I went to New Life Ministries - Kipping Chapel, where Pastor Vincent Mann, who believes in our miracle working God, prayed for me on 16th June 13 and I had a warm sensation going through my body, just automatically the pain went. I had been taking pain killers 3 sometimes 4 times a day and now since being prayed for by Pastor Vincent, I have taken no tablets. I got my back injury when I was 19 years old just bending down to get something out of the freezer and could not get up, I went straight to Bradford Royal Infirmary (hospital) where they x-rayed it and found an extra bone in my spine and diagnosed me with Sciatica there and then. It has robbed much of my life being disabled and not being able to work due to pain. I had no feeling in my left leg and foot since the injury 29 years ago and on 23th June 13 while in church again my foot started itching and burning, all feeling started coming back in my leg and foot and is normal now. I thank God for healing me and for giving my freedom back to live my life well and pain free.

Another Recent Healing By Prayer - Jackie Kirkbride

My name is Jackie Kirkbride and I went to New Life Ministries at Kipping Chapel, on 16th June 2013, where Beverley Mann the Pastors wife prayed for my Sciatica. I had a bit of warmth in my leg after Beverley had prayed for me and when I woke up the next day the pain had completely gone and I have not had any pain since. This sciatica came on when I was working in care some five years ago. I thank God for healing me and for Pastor Vincent and Beverley Mann for believing in our powerful miracle working God.

Ian A Former Foot Guard - Read his Amazing Healing

Ian’s Story starts over 12 years ago after serving in the army Ian worked as a lorry driver, whilst working at the rear of his lorry had an accident which affected his left leg, this caused him great pain and restricted him from working, Ian’s condition gradually grow worse but with the aid of a mobility scooter & crutch He managed to get around, one day Ian’s daughter whilst in the centre of town was approached by a man who said “your father will walk again” when she looked around to acknowledge the stranger he was gone, this gave the family hope & many years went past with no improvement in Ian’s condition, the surgeons put a ten’s machine inside his body so he could cope with the pain of his leg, also was on very strong prescription drugs to stop the pain & discomfort, a good friend of Ian directed him to New life Ministries because they believe in miracles and had seen God’s miracle touch in others, New life Ministries was preparing for Baptisms and Ian said could he be apart, the pastor agreed, pastor Vincent asked Kev Kershaw to be in the pool with him to lower Ian into the water, Pastor Vincent said to Kev that he believed Ian would be healed, Baptism day came on the 15th April 2012 & Ian was Baptised and Prayed for, Ian left the Baptism pool the same way he went into it or so we thought, a few days later Ian was at a life group it was suggested by Audrey the group leader that Ian could be Baptised in the Holy Spirit, Ian after hands were laid on him said a few words in his given spiritual language, a few days later Ian whilst away Ian heard Jesus say put down your crutch and walk, Ian was obedient and walked for the first time in eleven and half years, the next day Ian walked boldly into church & Pastor Vincent had to look twice, praise God Ian has received his healing, Baptised Sunday, received the Holy Spirit Wednesday, walked Saturday, the Gospel of Luke says as they walked they were healed and so they gave Glory to God. Luke 17 v 13 to 15.

Ella's Story

This is a story of a little girl called Ella. She was born February 14th 2000. Ella's parent's noticed that she was a bright, agile and intelligent baby, however, after her immunisation injection, baby Ella's development began to suffer, where before she was starting to form words and communicate, that all stopped, to be replaced by excessive screaming and behavioural difficulties, the doctors diagnoses - Aggressive Autism. Ella's parents sought out special radical treatment in America at a cost of £20,000, sadly it didn't work out. New Life Ministries heard of their plight and invited the family to meet with the leadership team who would pray and fast and seek God's face concerning Ella. This is 'prayer in progress' and the Church continues to receive good reports about hoe Ella is improving in her speech and behaviour and we look forward to a complete healing in Jesus name. For there is a power, healing, restoration, forgiveness and salvation in his name.

I Lost My Husband

Some years ago I went through a very low time in my life, my Husband Jim had died from a heart attack in B.R.I One day I was walking my dog and I bumped into a lady also walking her dog, as we were talking I shared about my Jim, how we were married nearly fifty years and how I missed him. She mentioned that she went to church and asked would I like to come along? I said I would, I've been going for five years now, it's given me a whole new outlook on life, I have new friends and family and a real belief in Jesus and hope for the future.

Needed To Move

My son and I really needed to move it seemed that there was no hope and we were stuck, I prayed that God would make a way for us to move, I was at a church meeting where I met a couple who needed a tenant for their cottage, they arranged a viewing, I fell in love with it. Within week's my son and I moved into our new house, i know this is God because I feel so blessed. My skin complaint has cleared up and the debt I had was cleared with the help of C.A.P (Christians against poverty). I now look forward to Christmas.Mr's w. Krause

Relationship Restored

My wife and I were going through a very difficult time and we could have easily split up. I swore I would never go to church, but when my life hit rock bottom I decided to go one Sunday. It wasn't as boring as I thought it might be, things began to make sense to me. I've been going about six months now. My wife and I are very happy; God has really restored our marriage. I know Jesus has done this for us and we are better now than we've ever been, we feel so much stronger in our relationship. God has really made our marriage work and we are so in love with each other. Mr & Mrs Miller

It's a Dog's Life

In February of 2011, we went into a pet shop in the town centre of Bradford where there was a litter of puppies on display, one of which had a bent front paw. We enquired what was wrong with the puppy and we were informed that the dog was born that way and it would cost too much for corrective surgery adding that he was going to put the dog down. These dogs would normally cost £300 but in this occasion he would sell the dog to us for £20. I am a strong Christian who has seen many miracles. So I picked the dog up and asked God to straighten his paw. After a few days my wife rang the shop and enquired after the dog to see if was still for sale, he said it still was but couldn't understand how the dogs paw was now straight - (we Knew!) and he was still prepared to sell it for us for £20, what a blessing! Because this puppy was going to be destroyed, through no fault of its own, I thought 'he's gone from pauper to prince' and that's what we call him 'Prince'. Today he is a very strong, handsome and loved dog and very much part of the family. The one that was rejected by man is chosen by God. You might be maimed by life, labelled by man, but you are loved by God.