Learn about the Chapel Restoration

When Newlife Ministries moved into Kipping Chapel the venue upstairs required extensive Renovation after the roof collapsed back in the 1980's, the former Pastor Peter Neil took it upon himself with colleagues to put in a floor on the upper balcony to create two separate rooms, whilst the lower floor was completed Peter Neil himself then become very Ill and the upper room stood in a uncompleted state for many years, It was then that Pastor Vincent Mann got a team of volunteers together to complete the works so the chapel could seat 400 people as it says in Luke 22:12 & Mark 14:15

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Work started in September / October 2011 to get the upper room ready for a planned Wedding which was going to take place in February 2012, this gave us a time frame to complete works for Future church Services & Venues.

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So the team of Skilled and unskilled volunteers carried out the Building works, Electrics, Heating, Ceiling/Roofing, Painting, Restoration of bench seating by stripping and sanding then varnishing, plus Carpeting to create the new modern look of the Chapel.

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Because we believe as the Bible Says in Luke 22:12 & Mark 14:15 "Then he will show you a large upper room, furnished and prepared; there make ready for us".

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Pastor Vincent would like to say a special Thank you to all those involved from past to present, for there hard work and dedication to the Lords House, may you be Blessed with your skills & finances in the future, God Bless All, Pastor Vincent Mann.