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Pastors Vincent and Beverley Mann

Pastor Vincent and Beverley Mann

Pastor Vincent Mann was born 1961 Eastbourne Sussex England, like many children grew up in a one person family background. At ten years of age moved to Folkestone Kent, sadly got involved in the drug seen in his late teens, whilst in his early twenties he took an overdose. It was at this time that Vincent cried out to God for help. Vincent had no belief systems at that time, but in that bad state God, reached down and removed the drugs from his blood system. Like Apostle Paul on his road to Damascus. I met with my Lord. And now I know his name, he was Jesus and his father was the creator of all life. I knew I was born again and had a fresh start, but I knew no christian believers. It wasn't until 1983 a few years later I met a young lady who introduced me to a born again spirit filled church in Aldington Kent. By 1985 the young Lady who led him to church became his wife, sadly Beverley and Vincent were unable to have children. We prayed and believed, but like the biblical couple Abraham and Sarah, tried the worlds methods, in this case, infertility clinics. After much financial expense and many failed attempts they gave up. Eventually nine years later in 1994 went to a church called christian life centre. pastor Robert and his team believed for miracles and so prayed for us. I said if the Lord would do what the good doctors couldn't, I would go to bible school and serve him, three months later, Beverley was pregnant, in March 1995 and by December their daughter Jessica was born, followed by Hannahka in 1997. So Vincent went to bible school, in 1997 for 2 years, graduating in 2000, he planted his first church, 'victory Christian outreach'. Vincent and Beverly pastored there for four years then got this call like Abraham & Sarahin Genesis 12v1-3, at that time, Cyprus looked good to Vincent, but Beverley felt Matthew 6v33 to seek the kingdom first and not the sun, thank goodness he listened to his wife and ended up in the promised land of Thornton Yorkshire in 2005, but it wan't until 2008. Against all odds that the Lord told Vincent, to plant a second church New Life Ministries, The Lord was right in the heart of his calling, Vincent believing finances follow the vision and so stopped out never believing from man but trusting in the Lord, was given in 2011 a 450 seater church and finances to restore. Pastor vincent and Beverley and his leadership believe in the un-diluted word of God, with signs and wonders conforming the preaching of the gospel, we have seen many bonified medically proven miracles and the restoration of peoples lives who go to New Life Ministries.

Newlife Ministries - Meet the Team


Wendy Krause

Church Treasurer / Gen Clerk


Elaine Kershaw

Church Secretary


Gary & Gillian Milner

Safety officer / Assistant Treasurer's


Kevin Kershaw

Worship Leader


Bev Swinscoe

Pastor's Personal Assistant


Shelly Marshall

Kitchen Staff / In housekeeper


Katherine Phillips

Older Person - Disable Assistant


Beverley Mann

Pastor / First Aider


Matthew Cook

Outreach Leader / Scripture Reader


Hannah Mann

AV System Operator / Disabled assistance


Ian Ball

Outreach Leader / Security Steward


Rev Vincent Mann

Pastor / Worship - Audio~Video Coordinator


Chris Nicholson

Bible School Lecturer


Bishop Alan Finch

Overseer from the Umbrella organization (London)

Worship Team

Kev Kershaw / Katherine Phillips / Aliyah Roberts / Bev Swinsecoe / Wendy Krause.