About Kipping Chapel

Lower Room

Newlife Ministries - Kipping chapel is nestled in the village of Thornton in Bradford, The chapel has two rooms which consist of a lower room that can seat up to 100 people, there is a kitchen area for refreshments after the service's or coffee mornings, also a medium sized classroom for various studies or maybe just a quiet read of the Bible, there is a designated children's play area within the main hall so parents can listen to the service whilst still been able to look after the children, there is a sofa lounge area with a free running internet cafe' service, the chapel is catered for wheelchair access and facilities for the disabled, so why not come and see for yourself at one of our meetings.


Upper Room

The Upper Room is newly restored as part of the chapel restoration, This has a modern look with a amphitheatre feel due to the original wooden seating, the hall can hold up to 400 seated places & can cater for many different types of venue's or conferences, there are two flights of stairs to reach the upper room, but for those that are not able to climb we do have stair lifts on one of the three sets of staircases, wheelchair access is difficult to reach the upper room but we do provide video link to downstairs via projection screen, the upper room is very popular with Wedding Venue's because of it's prestigious Warm feeling.

Kipping Chapel Bible Academy

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