What we Believe

Jesus is the son of God...

We believe there is a God, and that He is the Creator of all we see and of all that exists. As the One, True God, He is unlimited in power, morally flawless and unmatched in love.

We believe that God created man out of a desire to know and be known; to establish a personal, eternal relationship with man. However, the choice of the first man, Adam, to live independent of God, resulted in the loss of this relationship God had designed and desired. Man living according to his own desires (independence from God) produced Ungodly behavior which the Bible calls Sin.


Sin separated all of mankind from God and doomed him to eternal pain and suffering. Compelled by love, God made it possible for man to return to God. His solution required the sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus Christ, who was willing to die in our place, paying the price of our moral indebtedness to God. Thanks to Jesus Christ, anyone who wants to be forgiven, who desires to know God personally and who hopes for the wonderful, eternal life for which they were created may have it. All that is required is the humility and faith to ask God for it in Jesus' name.

We believe God is passionate about YOU and wants you to experience real and eternal life with Him!

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Warmly,   Pastor Vincent Mann