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E4:12 Bible School
E4:12 Discipleship Bible school existed to empower the believer for services to the gospel of Jesus Christ, Ephesians 4v11 says he gave some to the apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers, but Ephesians 4v12, then goes on to say for this equipping of the Saints for working 0of Ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, and so that is why the Bible school was called E4:12 after Ephesians 4v12. 




Our Teaching courses offer the first year student the following topics, Discipleship, Servant hood, Relationship, Soul ties/Strong Holds, Covenant, The Jewish roots of Jesus, Generals of God, Doctrines of the faith, Gifts and Callings, Preparing your message, Practical Evangelism and outreach, Prayer and Intersessions.

This course runs in line with the academic time tables and starts first week of September and Graduates late July the following year, there are two classes to choose from to suit your needs, Wednesday 9am - 3pm = 6hrs, or we run the same course in the evening for those who can only commit to that schedule, The Evening courses runs from 7pm - 10pm two Evenings a Week, part 1 on a Tuesday = 3hrs & part 2 on a Wednesday = 3hrs Total = 6hrs, the classes are interchangeable so if you can not make it Wednesday day then come to the evening classes and vice a versa.

There is also a second year course, the second year course is for student who have already undergone First year course previously and wish to fulfil their calling to Ministry, This course runs same timetable as the first year one on the same days and same times, Both course have a first year and second year graduation certificates, We will offer a placement program for those who would like to minister abroad from a missionary angle.

There is also for second year student a church plant program and over sight ministers/Bishop from our Umbrella organization. We will ordain the successful applicants after successfully completing a Church plant or missions for one whole complete year.

The first year course fees are means tested according to the prospective student's income or financial status, There is a three tier bracket for the fees:- Lower Income / Middle Income / Higher Income, there may be some Additional fees for end of year certificates and for Gown and mortar hat Hire for graduate students, Should you need more information on fee's/costs Please  Click Here.

We will look to find accommodation within the local Church Congregation should any be required, We also offer support and guidance in all aspects of the Church life, To obtain a Application form or for any other general enquiries you might have then please feel free to  Contact us  .

E4:12 Bible Academy

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