Pastors Vincent and Beverley Mann

Pastor Vincent Mann was born 1961 Eastbourne Sussex England, like many children grew up in a one person family background. At ten years of age moved to Folkestone Kent & sadly got involved in the drug seen in his late teens & whilst in his early twenties he took an overdose. It was at this time that Vincent cried out to God for help. Vincent had no belief systems at that time of his life, Whilst in that bad state God reached down and removed the drugs from his blood system.  It wasn't until 1983 a few years later He met a young lady who introduced me to a born again spirit filled church in Aldington Kent. By 1985 the young Lady who led him to church was to became his wife, sadly Beverley and Vincent were told they where unable to have children. So Vincent went to bible school in 1997 for 2 years, graduating in 2000 it was then Prays was answered & both of them went on to have two beautiful daughters, he planted his first church, 'victory Christian outreach', both of them pastored there for four years until ending up in Thornton village West Yorkshire in 2005, but against all odds it wasn't until 2008 that the Lord told Vincent to plant a second church & which was to become known as New Life Ministries.

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